GEIKOU is a self-taught fantasy illustrator.  Born in Texas, she moved to Georgia where she currently resides to take on her first job in the video game industry.  Like most artists, she has been drawing since she could pick up a pencil.  Her first love was horses and that was about all she drew until she started high school.  It was then that she discovered Japanese animation, more commonly known as anime, and she was hooked.  This started her journey of learning how to draw people, which was something she couldn’t do to save her life at the time.


Over the years, GEIKOU has developed her own style of semi-realism influenced by the Japanese aesthetic, although she hasn’t entirely let go of her anime past either.  Most of her art is in the former style, but she enjoys forays back into a more anime style on occasion, especially for inked work.  Recently, she has been exploring getting even more realistic with her painting as well.  As for media, since graduating from college (with a biology and Asian studies double major), her main tool has been Photoshop.  She has been missing the feel of traditional media, though, so she is getting more in touch with her roots in watercolor from high school days.  She has even begun to dabble in oils a bit.


The pseudonym GEIKOU is actually her real Chinese name with a Japanese pronunciation.  She chose to go with Japanese, both because of her art style and because it is easier to pronounce in her case than the Chinese.  The title of the website, kagami noir, means “black mirror”, with “kagami” being “mirror” in Japanese and “noir” being “black” in French (and most adjectives proceed the noun in French).  It is GEIKOU’s reference to looking at someone’s innermost thoughts and soul–reflections that can only be made out upon close inspection, but once seen, are as vivid as reality.